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Where are our female corporate leaders?

DESPITE the progress made on gender diversity in the workplace, women are still a minority in top management and at board level globally.

Board of men

Shireen Muhiudeen feels more women should be on the boards of public listed companies.

Knowledge of industry vital for company board

KUALA LUMPUR: Board members must have adequate knowledge of the industry that their company is involved in, said Securities Commission (SC) chairman Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar.

It’s a milestone for women

KUALA LUMPUR: The policy to get women to hold 30% of decision-making posts in the private sector is a milestone, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said.

Govt to train pool of women to fill top posts in companies

IPOH: The Government will soon start a training programme to create a pool of qualified women to fill the top 30% of decision-making positions in the private sector.

Your 10 questions with Rita Benoy Bushon

Rita Benoy Bushon answers your 10 questions.

Corporate Governance Blueprint 2011

Lin See-Yan looks at some of the rules the Malaysian Securities Commission has outlined in the corporate governance Blueprint 2011 and discusses why these are neither practical nor healthy.

Your 10 questions with Datuk Jaffar Indot

Datuk Jaffar Indot answers your 10 questions.

Women needed on boards and research shows mix teams are more innovative, effective

I HAVE been following the Barclays scandal in the United Kingdom and the Parliamentary cross examination of Bob Diamond, the ex-CEO, and Marcus Agius, the chairman.

Companies with women directors tend to improve in performance

Shireen Muhiudeen comments on the importance of having women directors in your companies.