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Environmental activist's house splashed with red paint

BANTING: Environmental activist Pua Lay Peng is concerned about her family's safety after her house was splashed with red paint on Wednesday (June 26).

Lady Gaga fires up LGBTQ rally for Stonewall anniversary

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Lady Gaga electrified thousands of revellers who gathered in New York on Friday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the LGBTQ rights movement, exhorting the crowd to honour the past by using its "power" to extend and defend a half-century of progress.

This week's video game releases: Super Mario Maker 2, Human Fall Flat, Un Pas Fragile, F1 2019, more

Nintendo's Mario game about creating Mario games, Super Mario Maker 2, sets up on Switch, while silly puzzle sim Human Fall Flat wobbles onto mobile, among other releases.

Feeling the heat? Estonian takes his sauna on the road, literally

TALLINN (Reuters) - A lot of Europe has felt like a sauna this month, which makes Willem Maesalu's weird car seem even weirder: the bright yellow Audi 100 Avant is a rolling sauna.

Selfies: five times more deadly than shark attacks

Selfies, which have become a global sensation in the last decade or so, have remarkably killed five times more people than shark attacks.

39 illegal immigrants arrested in food outlet and hostel raids

PETALING JAYA: A total of 39 illegal immigrants were detained following raids on a food outlet and a workers' hostel in Setia Alam.

‘Dark patterns’ are steering many Internet users into making bad decisions

Even if you’ve never heard the phrase “dark patterns”, you’re almost certainly familiar with them. They’re the sneaky ways online companies trick you into agreeing to stuff you’d normally never assent to.

Fire at chemical plant in southern Spain causes huge cloud of smoke

SAN ROQUE, SPAIN (Reuters) - A giant cloud of smoke rose over the town of San Roque near Gibraltar in southern Spain on Tuesday following a fire at a chemical factory in a nearby industrial estate.

Cute, wholesome horror remake QT paves way for Compendium Of Cuteness

P.T. has inspired countless homages, though surely none more adorable than the lighthearted, free QT.

Microsoft's rumoured folding Surface will run Window 10 and Android apps

This weekend the associate director of market research firm IHS Markit revealed information about Microsoft's upcoming and unannounced folding Surface to Forbes including details on screen size, aspect ratio, and expected software capabilities.