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Animals 11 Mar 2019 | 5:17 AM Premium

Katz Tales: New tomcat sends resident kitties into fluffed-up shriek mode

Katz Tale columnist Ellen Whyte is pleased to meet the neighbour's tomcat Potato, but her own kitties Swooner and Target are not amused at all!

Books 22 Nov 2017 | 11:45 AM Premium

Mary Weber on aliens, politics and the true lives of her book characters

YA fiction writer Mary Weber, author of 'The Evaporation Of Sofi Snow', shares her creative process, character developments, and how she'd survive WWIII.

Viewpoints 12 Sep 2016 | 6:50 AM Premium

Are you a prisoner of your own bias?

Some of us are quick to form opinions about others based on their hair colour, clothes, tattoos or body piercings, just to name a few.