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Towards healing the nation – still

FIVE years ago I gave a lecture titled “Healing the Malaysian Nation” to several different audiences. Asked coincidentally to deliver a lecture of the same name, I added “2.0” at the end.


The manner of sacrifice

Our vigilance and normalisation of mask-wearing is especially important given the recent uptick in local transmissions and the declaration of Kuching as a red zone again.


A renewal of ideas

I SUSPECT it is a rare thing in any organisation for every member of staff, from the CEO to the company driver, to discuss and collectively shape its broad strategy.


A contemptuous tempest unfolds

A DOMESTIC weekend getaway to rehabilitate constitutions and provide fresh inspiration (incidentally in the parliamentary constituency of the fourth and seventh Prime Minister) unavoidably included much discussion about threats to the national constitution and the aspirations of particular individuals (especially those surrounding the eighth Prime Minister and those vying to be the ninth and 10th).


Digital Parliament of ideals and hope

Lessons to be learnt from 222 young Malaysians debating on the economy and education.


Crestfallen over coat of arms dispute

The ‘unity’ asserted by our motto was a homage to federalism. Today, it also applies to unity across diverse communities in Malaysia. It is ironic then that our coat of arms has become a lightning rod of division.


Monuments of change

LAST week I argued that improving our institutions should be according to our historical circumstances, laws and the desires of Malaysians, even though lessons should be taken from international best practices.


Nurturing a common destiny

THE ongoing Black Lives Matter protests around the world have continued to fuel debate and introspection in politics, economics and culture. As a graduate of comparative politics and sociology, the phenomenon is making me revisit the many theories of government, institutional legitimacy and political philosophy that I read at the London School of Economics.


Costly but precious lessons of Covid-19

Regardless of political affiliation, the majority of Malaysians hope that the success of controlling the coronavirus will replicate in the government’s efforts to repair the economy and improve livelihoods.