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10 years on, lessons of Asian tsunami hit by ‘disaster amnesia’

PHUKET, Thailand: Ten years after the deadliest tsunami on record wrought destruction across the Indian Ocean, creeping complacency is undermining a hi-tech warning system designed to prevent another disaster of such shocking magnitude.

A special type of tourism

Meulaboh, one of the hardest hit areas in Aceh, wants to encourage tourism — but not just your typical beach tourism.

Tsunami early warning systems

Technology has provided efficient tsunami early warning systems in the countries affected by the 2004 disaster. As memories fade, though, political will and financial commitments need to remain steadfast if the system is to continue working.

Contributing to global knowledge

AFTER the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, which claimed more than 35,000 lives in Sri Lanka and displaced 515,000 people, several areas of research into early warning systems emerged. One early, promising field fizzled out but other endeavours met with greater success.

Build back, better

Dec 26, 2004, saw unspeakable devastation unleashed upon the region – as well as a surge of human dedication and resilience.

The train tragedy at Peraliya

If the Ruhunu Kumari had not been stuck at this Sri Lankan town, many residents may not have died.

Bracing for the next killer wave

Geologists are striving to provide sound science so policy makers and people in vulnerable areas can make the right decisions.

Aceh, a decade on

Some vibrancy has returned but many survivors are still preoccupied with just daily survival needs.

In the eye of the storm

Mercy Malaysia’s Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood remains an unstoppable force in the humanitarian sector.

A world without warning

While Thailand’s tsunami early warning system was quickly put up after 2004, concerns remain about its ability to reach the correct people.