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Can global exchanges work?US authorities would have strong view on bid

HKEX’s audacious US$36.6bil bid for London Stock Exchange Group (LSE.L) raised quite a few eyebrows on 9/11. Three immediate questions were raised by the bid. First, does the bid make sense for shareholders on a commercial basis? Second, what are the strategic considerations for Hong Kong and global financial markets? Third, what are the regulatory and geopolitical hurdles?

Bastille Day and the global populist uprising

Think Asian by Andrew Sheng July 14 is celebrated in France as Bastille Day, on which day 230 years ago, French peasants stormed the Bastille prison in Paris and sparked off the French Revolution. T

Balkanising the World Wide Web

IT is a cliché to say that we live in a digital age, with many countries upgrading to become Knowledge Economies. There is supposedly a digital divide, between those who have access to digital knowledge and skills, and those who don’t.

Why are stock markets complacent?

Think Asian by Andrew Sheng THERE has been so much bad news lately that the only good news, if you believe it, lies in the stock market. Simply put, despite all the trade war and political bad news, the US stock markets hover around historical highs. And Asian stock markets are still guided by sentiment in Wall Street.