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Photo Kit: Bagging more bags

Tan Kit Hoong explains why just having one camera bag won't do.


Photo Kit: Getting better photos at the zoo

Tan Kit Hoong spends a day at the Taiping Zoo and gives some tips on taking better animal photos.


Photo Kit: Challenge yourself

TAN KIT HOONG sets himself a challenge to shoot in black and white, using only a 50mm lens.


Photo Kit: Getting more from Auto ISO

Tan Kit Hoong shows you how to use the Auto ISO setting in your camera to get sharper pictures.


Photo Kit: Load software, make your camera better

Wouldn't it be great if you could load some software into your camera to add new features? Tan Kit Hoong talks about how you can do just that.


Photo Kit: Walk, don't zoom

The zoom lens is convenient, but it's turning us into lazy photographers. Here's why.


Photo Kit: Which camera?

Tan Kit Hoong is just lousy at recommending cameras to people.


Photo Kit: getting a fresh perspective

TAN KIT HOONG tries to think of new ways to photograph the same old subjects.


Photo Kit: Another one bites the dust

Tan Kit Hoong mulls over a couple of pieces of bad news and a bit of good news.


Photo Kit: Kickstarter cable conundrum

Tan Kit Hoong muses on the wisdom of Kickstarter tech projects.