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Curious Cook: Risk and the micromort, Part 1

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan talks about micromorts and the risks associated with various activities like eating, running and walking.

Curious Cook: Secrets of ginger

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan talks about why ginger tastes hot, its curative properties and how ginger can be used to tenderise meat.

Curious Cook: All about mushrooms

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan talks about different kinds of mushrooms and the best ways to cook mushrooms without overcooking them.

Curious Cook: How seedless fruits came to be

Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan talks about the origins and evolution of seedless fruits like watermelons, oranges and grapes.

Malaysia's female bartenders are shaking up a storm

Four of Malaysia's top female bartenders talk about the obstacles and challenges of working in an industry dominated by men.

The famed Coca hotpot chain is back in Malaysia

Pitaya Phanphensophon talks about how retiring from the family business hasn’t dimmed his enthusiasm for the Coca chain of restaurants.

Taishan Chinese dishes are her culinary heritage

Home cook Nicole Ho still makes the food that her ancestors used to make in Taishan, China, like stewed lamb with sugarcane, braised chicken with dried mandarin peel and glutinous rice desserts.

How I won MasterChef Australia: Singapore-born Sashi Cheliah's story

MasterChef Australia Season 10 winner Sashi Cheliah talks about what helped him surge ahead on the hit reality cooking show.

Savour the chocolate beers and Australian ales of Holgate

One of the early pioneers of Australian craft beer, Paul Holgate, talks about how he and his wife started Holgate Brewhouse out of their garage 20 years ago.

New cookbook highlights recipes from Islamic countries

With her latest cookbook Feast: Food of the Islamic World, acclaimed cookbook author Anissa Helou uncovers the rich tapestry of food shared by people in Islamic countries, like kebabs, harissa, Moroccan pigeon pie, caraway pudding, Indian Scotch egg and lamb tagine.