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World 13 Jun 2020 | 5:45 AM

Artists around the world pay tribute to George Floyd

(Reuters) - Protests against racism triggered by the death of African American George Floyd have inspired art around the world, from murals in Syria and Pakistan to graffiti in Nairobi.

World 28 Feb 2020 | 3:35 AM

U.N. hears plea from women in northwest Syria: 'We want the right to live'

(Reuters) - Amid heavy fighting in northwest Syria between government forces backed by Russia and Syrian rebels supported by Turkey, the U.N. Security Council heard a plea on Thursday from women caught in the middle: "All we are asking, is for the misery to stop, for the killing to stop. We want the right to live."

World 04 Jun 2019 | 9:36 PM

Planned Lebanon demolitions put 15,000 Syrian children at risk of homelessness - NGOs

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - At least 15,000 Syrian children will be at risk of homelessness if the Lebanese government goes ahead with the planned demolition of "semi-permanent structures" built by refugees in eastern Lebanon, aid agencies warned on Tuesday.

World 29 Mar 2019 | 2:16 PM

Despite talk of returns, Turkey quietly works to integrate Syrian refugees

GAZIANTEP, Turkey - When his rebel fighter son was killed and life in Syria became impossible for Jamal Sahlabji, he and his remaining family packed up and joined hundreds of thousands fleeing to neighbouring countries.