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Web Wanders: Intentional contentment

Susanna Khoo ponders about three seemingly disparate online stories that expound a similar principle: That life is what you make of it.


Web Wanders: Geeking out on YouTube

Google revels in the wonders of geek culture, leaving Susanna Khoo pondering just what it means to be a geek these days.


Web Wanders: Pin love

Susanna confesses a guilty pleasure of hers: Pinning endlessly on Pinterest.


Web Wanders: Dating of a different design

Creativity often manifests itself in all sorts of unexpected ways, but New York designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman have definitely taken it up a notch when it comes to facing your fears in romantic relationships.


Web Wanders: A matter of fact

Susanna Khoo discusses a new genre of comics that makes light of the real life situations through the use of infographics.


Web Wanders: Judgment and justice

Susanna Khoo revisits several incidents of online retribution and considers the danger of it all.


Web Wanders: Spotlight on the good

Susanna Khoo shares uplifting tales she came across recently that have restored her confidence in the good that continues to take place amongst Malaysians, both online and in the real world.


Web Wanders: Socially unacceptable

Susanna Khoo discusses how a social media meltdown can affect even the most beloved of brands or personalities.


Web Wanders: Choose to inspire

Susanna Khoo talks about what’s wise and unwise to do on social media, particularly when tragedy strikes.


Web Wanders: Perils of selfie

Susanna Khoo talks about the grave consequences that selfies sometimes bring about.