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Putting a stop to female genital mutilation in Malaysia

Malaysian health columnist Dr Milton Lum calls for an end to female genital mutilation, whether mild or severe, as it only causes harm to women.


Sexual assault within a marriage is rape – our rape laws need to include married couples too

Current laws do not protect women from rape in her marriage, giving a man the impunity to perpetrate sexual violence on his wife.


Malaysian Syafeek Ikhwan wins singing competition in France

Syafeek Ikhwan, an education officer from Suhakam, sang Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza’s 'Kau Kekasihku', in the recent world singing competition.


Want to know what’s wrong with or missing from Malaysia’s laws?

Get a copy of Universiti Malaya’s new 'Law Review journal', which discusses important questions about laws and their impact on you and me.


Most perpetrators of abuse are not convicted as their victims are ill-prepared to seek justice

Victims of domestic and sexual abuse need a strong support system to stand up to their abusers in court.


Human Writes: TB is still a threat, and we need to take notice

Tuberculosis is associated with undeveloped countries. Yet, here we are in Malaysia experiencing a whopping rise in cases.


Can we improve our human rights record this year?

The Malaysian Government appears to be taking steps to improve its human rights record.


Art for the sake of the heart

Writer Dzof Azmi shares why he studied very hard to get a very good degree in mathematics but ended up becoming a writer. 


Why it's important to make sure our prisons are disease-free

Infectious diseases spread easily in prisons and experts are worried that if this is not monitored, the public's health may also be at risk.