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Kudos Prof Shad Faruqi for enlightening piece

From FOO SIEW PING, of Klang

Reflecting On The Law

Walking the middle path

We should accept that our critics are our best friends, broadening our horizons, correcting our flaws and helping us to grow better.

Reflecting On The Law

A unique royal institution

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong is head of state but not the head of government, and reigns but does not rule.

Reflecting On The Law

Providing check and balance

Life is larger than the law and no Constitution is exhaustive or can anticipate every contingency.

Reflecting On The Law

A leap into antiquity

The Federal Court has missed an opportunity to clarify and correct some disturbing rulings.

Reflecting On The Law

Making Parliament more effective

Decisions in which people participate are decisions they are likely to respect.

Reflecting On The Law

A plus point for non-proliferation

Despite many gaping holes, the framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme is a notable achievement.

Reflecting On The Law

Dazzling diversity

While some believe in shared ideals, others argue that ‘universality’ is a cunning justification for preserving Western hegemony.

Reflecting On The Law

Abolishing wars, seeking peace

Why should an organisation devoted to saving “succeeding generations from the scourge of war” make it its business to authorise war?

Reflecting On The Law

Double standards on Crimea

Whichever superpower wins, Ukraine will be the loser of this East-West tug of war.