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Greener pastures abroad for Malaysian pastry chefs

Despite having won recognition and accolades, there is still no market for creativity for local pastry chefs, which is why many of them end up going abroad for better opportunities.

Britain's storm in a tea cup settled: The milk goes in last!

Although many cultural debates may be brewing in Britain, it appears that one age-old bone of contention has been settled: Should milk go in a cup of tea first or last?

Delicious Malay recipe ideas for Hari Raya

Busy mum Rosdiana Sidi Davis cooks her family’s favourite Malay dishes, like rendang tok, dalca sayur, ayam sambal and jelatah for her annual Hari Raya open house.

Spice Queen has written 22 cookbooks and has more to offer

Culinary expert Devagi Sanmugam highlights all sorts of Asian cooking techniques in her cookbook I Am A Rice Cooker!

This man cares for cheese like it were a child

Pierre Gay is an affineur, one of France’s most skilled craftsmen and cheesemongers.

Looking at cooking schools? Here's a taste of one

If you’ve ever dreamt of learning to cook at Le Cordon Bleu, the famed culinary institution’s workshops provide a glimpse of what they do over there.

Malaysian culinary school now part of prestigious French alliance

It is now part of the prestigious alliance that shares skills and expertise of culinary schools worldwide.

Philippine cooks take over the world’s kitchens

Cooking schools in the Philippines are churning out tens of thousands of chefs a year for kitchens around the world.

Singapore baba vs Penang nonya

A unique dinner celebrates the nonya cuisine of the north and south of the Malay Peninsula.

Keep it healthy with online food delivery service

If you live in the Klang Valley, you can check out some of these healthy food delivery businesses.