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GST to replace sales and services tax

THIS is the first in a three-part question-and-answer series provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers for I>The Star /I>readers on various aspects of Budget 2005. The next two articles will appear in I>StarBiz /Ion Monday and Tuesday.


Tax refund procedure made easier

This is the second in a three-part question-and-answer series provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers for i>The Star/ireaders on various aspects of Budget 2005. The final part will appear in i>StarBiz/itomorrow.


GST and the property developers

In the first article of a two-part serieson goods and services tax (GST) inrelation to the property industry, BDOBinder Tax Services Sdn Bhd tax directorCHAN KEE HOONG focuses on GST's possible impact on a property developer. He shares the experiences from Singapore and Australia, countries that have implemented GST.


Customs campaign on raising awarness on sales and services tax

The Customs Department is going on a campaign to raise awareness among businesses on the sales and service taxes before coming down hard on tax noshade size=1 width=50%>


The way forward in tax reforms

Tax reform is the process of improving the way taxes are collected or managed by the government. This week, we examine the tax reforms undertaken in several countries, including Malaysia.


Govt looking seriously at general services tax; no decision yet

PUTRAJAYA: The Government has yet to make a decision, or set a deadline, to replace the existing sales and services tax with a new regime.


General services tax amid slowdown will hurt spending

PUTRAJAYA: The goods and services tax (GST) should not be implemented amid an economic slowdown, said Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) president Tan Sri Mustafa Mansur.


Survey: ACCA members want increase in 'sin' and luxury goods tax

KUALA LUMPUR: A survey among members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) indicated they want the government to increase the sin and luxury goods tax, while strengthening the collection of the sales and services tax, as a way to enhance revenue.


Balancing the budget to improve fiscal health

BRIDGING the hefty budget deficit - projected at 7.6% of gross domestic product (GDP) for 2009 - is a key concern if the nation is to improve its fiscal health.


Govt may impose GST at 4%, says Husni

The government plans to impose goods and services tax (GST) at 4%, said Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah