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Summer tech selection: Portable wireless speakers to get the party started

Hook a portable wireless speaker up to your smartphone or computer for a quick and easy way to enjoy music from your own personal library or from a streaming site this summer.


Avis steers into crowded field for managing ride services fleets

When Avis Budget Group Inc reports its results, executives under pressure from restive shareholders will likely point to the potential for profits from managing fleets of vehicles for ride services and robo-taxi companies.


Sony's latest Bluetooth speakers: strobe-lit sounds underwater

Sony has introduced its latest products designed to create an instant party atmosphere at the touch of a button.


Study shows that Facebook and Instagram 'likes' are influencing our travel decisions

The prospect of garnering Facebook likes and Instagram double-taps can play a significant role in determining which destination travelers choose to book, confirms a new study published out of the United States.


Sony's portable speaker is here to solve all your TV-watching woes

Loud, blaring televisions vex flatmates and neighbours, while too-low volumes or misplaced remote controls peeve the viewers.


Wireless light show speakers in the spotlight

With its all-new Halo speaker, Creative Labs has succumbed to the trend for illuminated Bluetooth audio peripherals which was spearheaded by JBL and Sony.


High-tech ideas for the summer: a portable disco

Going on vacation doesn't mean you have to leave your high-tech home comforts behind.


Why Bluetooth speakers are the smart choice for the smart home

According to new research from Technavio, as the Internet of Things begins to grow in popularity, no smart home will be complete without at least one set of wireless Bluetooth speakers.


Sony launches remote-speaker hybrid in Japan

Sony has launched a new speaker attached beneath a TV remote, according to The Verge.


Sony X5: Living it loud

Size and weight give this portable Bluetooth speaker a big advantage.