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China watchdog works on online credit blacklist system to punish debt defaulters

Building a blacklist to name and shame misconduct in cyberspace is likely part of China’s broader plan for a social credit system.


Istanbul taxi drivers go to court to seek shutdown of Uber

Istanbul's taxi drivers have taken Uber to court, accusing the US-based ride-hailing app of endangering their livelihoods in a case that could crimp its business in Europe's largest city.


Google reveals self-driving car slip-ups

Google said that while its self-driving cars have safely driven more than a million miles, there have been times when humans have had to take over to avoid crashing.


German court bans Uber's unlicensed taxi services

A German court has banned Uber from running services using unlicensed cab drivers and set stiff fines for any violations of local transport laws by the pioneering online taxi firm.


Lindsay Lohan sues makers of 'Grand Theft Auto V' videogame

Actress Lindsay Lohan is suing the makers of the popular Grand Theft Auto V videogame, saying it used her likeness without permission, according to a lawsuit filed on Wednesday.