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Eating Out

Designer desserts at Marina Bay Sands

Sweet treats that please the palate and eye are all the rage.

Movie Review


A sense of claustrophobia in Hugh Jackman’s new movie.


Absolut Vodka all bottled up

Four young Malaysians join an illustrious list of international artists who have created artwork for Absolut.


Hi-ho cameras away. It's the Lone Cypress!

What’s the big deal about a tree? What else is new that is to be seen in it?


The Boss's Hopes

For his latest studio album, Bruce Springsteen digs into his past for unrecorded songs that he feels deserves ‘a home and a hearing’.

Movie Review

The White Storm

Much heroic blood and many manly tears are shed in this overwrought but mostly effective cops-vs-drug-kingpins thriller.


A blockbuster year in comics

This has been one heck of a year for comics. Our regular columnists review 2013 with some of their favourite moments.


Justin Bieber documentary: Something to Believe in

Director Jon Chu aims to look beyond stardom in a new documentary on Justin Bieber.


Right on target

Josh Brolin wants to show his more vulnerable side.


Creature feature in 'I, Frankenstein'

Aaron Eckhart explains why Victor Frankenstein’s monstrous creation is just like everyone else.