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Signs and symtoms of a dangerous pregnancy

If you are now pregnant and have been having lower back pain, bleeding or excessive weight gain, make sure you have it checked. You may be having a high-risk pregnancy.

Diabetes concerns before and during pregnancy

In the first of this two-part series on diabetes and pregnancy, we look at the disease and its effects on an expectant mother.

Do more embryos mean a better pregnancy in IVF? Not necessarily

Logic may say that more embryos implanted during IVF increase the chance of a successful pregnancy, but it also carries greater risk for mother and babies.

Thyroid and pregnancy

The thyroid gland plays an important part in ovulation and ensuring a healthy, comfortable pregnancy.

Diet and support may help limit pregnancy weight gain

Compared to obese expectant mothers without special care and support gained less weight during pregnancy, says new study.

When you have diabetes during pregnancy

In this final part on diabetes and pregnancy, we look at taking care of you health when you have diabetes during pregnancy.

Top 10 benefits of pregnancy exercise

If your favourite (make that only) workout equipment is the pregnancy mood swing, stop for a moment to consider how a slightly more ambitious programme will help in lots of ways.

Which supplements to take and what to avoid during pregnancy

Certain supplements are essential for the development of the foetus during pregnancy, while some should be avoided to prevent complications.

How to manage hypertension in pregnancy and prevent eclampsia

High blood pressure that develops during pregnancy can increase the risk of adverse events to both mother and foetus.

Handling the 3 trimesters of pregnancy

Here's a basic primer on tackling the trimesters of pregnancy, courtesy of Great Eastern Life.

Life Inspired has a chic new look

2020 is all about change, and Life Inspired did just that with a fresh makeover!

This month, we speak to 3 female icons about empowerment and more - read it for FREE this week.