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Photographer Eric Peris looks into the concept of the 'inner spirit' in traditional arts

Veteran photographer talks about ‘divinity’ in traditional and ritualistic theatre.


Want to unlock your hidden potential? Just meditate on it

Shri Aasaanji, who just wants to create a peaceful world, believes in the power of meditation to heal yourself.


Are you breathing correctly? Here's how to know

There is a profound relationship between our breathing pattern and our level of health.


Malaysia’s biggest rock festival Rockaway returns with Butterfingers, Scorpions, Wolfmother

Malaysia’s biggest rock festival, Rockaway, returns with a lineup of over 30 international and local acts.


Stay in tune with healing energy

Here are some exercises to help you attract good vibes.


Jeremy Little: Musician, producer, entrepreneur passes away in Mecca

Local musician, producer and entrepreneur Jeremy Little, a young driving force in the independent music scene here, died last night while he was in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.