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Malaysian star Shaheizy Sam hints at Polis Evo sequel

Shaheizy Sam hopes for a sequel to Polis Evo, but would not want it to be ‘Gangster Evo’ or ‘Suamiku Polis Evo’.

Movie Review

‘Polis Evo 2’: Bold, gritty & a total shift from the original

Zizan Razak and Shaheizy Sam are back as Inspector Sani and Khai but 'Polis Evo 2', which hits cinemas today, is a completely different film.


What to expect from ‘Polis Evo 2’: Higher stakes and strong female characters

'Polis Evo 2' is due for release later this year. Director Joel Soh and writers Kyle Goonting and Anwari Ashraf reveal what fans can expect in the upcoming highly-anticipated action movie.


Top cop: Polis Evo is now the biggest Malaysian film ever

Polis Evo has beaten The Journey's Malaysian box-office record.


Zizan Razak shapes up up for Polis Evo 2

When it comes to getting ready to shoot the sequel to the hit film, Polis Evo, Zizan Razak is committed to looking his best on screen.


Shaheizy Sam puts his health on the line for 'Polis Evo 2'

Actor Shaheizy Sam was hospitalised for a night while filming action flick 'Polis Evo 2', scheduled for release on Nov 22.

Movie Review

Review: Polis Evo

Local film Polis Evo offers big laughs and even bigger action.


Polis Evo's Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak suffer for their art

Zizan Razak and Shaheizy Sam go to great lengths for the sequel to Polis Evo.


No damsels in distress in 'Polis Evo 2', say directors

'Polis Evo 2' director Joel Soh talks about the introduction of two strong female characters played by Raline Shah and Erra Fazira.


Polis Evo star Shaheizy Sam to marry actress Syatilla Melvin

Polis Evo star Shaheizy Sam and actress Syatilla Melvin will wed in February. So far, they've received RM25 million in sponsorship for the ceremony.