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Pantai Klebang Melaka offers beach picnics and other attractions

As a destination attraction, Pantai Klebang Melaka offers beach picnics, kite flying, varied food trucks and coconut shakes.

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Templer Forest Park is a popular destination

Activity: Hiking

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Hike within the city at Kota Damansara

There are still trails within the Klang Valley where you can get clean air, a good workout and some nice views, like the ones in Taman Rimba Riang, Kota Damansara.

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Bukit Batu Chondong being discovered

Bukit Batu Chondong, Ampang

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Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak

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Weekend Do: Gunung Mulu National Park

THOUGH it was only my second trip, the isolated wilderness of Mulu appeals to me, as does visiting its incredible show caves – each with its unique characteristics, witnessing the daily bat exodus, travelling in a longboat and, of course, the back-to-nature experience.


The Bukit Lembir National Park

A primary lowland rainforest with a diverse ecosystem, Lambir Hills National Park is located 30km south of Miri, Sarawak.


Tabur Extreme

This week Phoenix trails takes you to Tabur Extreme.


Bukit Tabur visit

Bukit Tabur Far East Route