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You need this crazy belief

Vincent Chin, 44, CEO of Conjure Capital Technologies, has seen fintech evolved from the early Internet days of the 90s to today’s more mobile, on-demand form. He tells JOY LEE how his latest venture, the Advanced Loan Finder (ALF) app, keeps with the times.


Train to be a data scientist

As the demand for Big Data jobs increases, a centre opens locally to train the next generation of data scientists.


Professor working on programming pyjamas to give out hugs

KUALA LUMPUR: In the world envisioned by Prof Adrian David Cheok, computing wouldn’t just be something you see or hear. It would be experienced with all the senses.


New app monitors temper, behaviour in...parents

Equipped with cardiac rhythm monitors to gauge stress levels, a new app called developed by computer scientists at Microsoft Research and the University of California, San Diego could keep frustrated parents in line.


Cloudy, and hold the meatballs

The IT world is up in the clouds. That should be a capital “C”, because the latest buzz is about Cloud technology.


No more device screens in the future?

b>TAMPERE (Finland)/b>: Nokia is investigating a future where our bedrooms, living rooms and offices are not cluttered with dozens of different screens. In this future, vision technology will be seamlessly integrated into our lives, appearing on a as-needed basis.