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The bitter truth about sugar

Watch out for that sugar intake or risk health complications later on.

Watching Malaysia’s House of Cards unfold

PEOPLE have asked me which television series best represents contemporary Malaysian politics.

A ticking time bomb at sea

WITH Bohey Dulang island in the background, a 30-something divemaster checked his surroundings.

Shakespeare in Malaysian politics

ON A morning when I was pumped up with Malaysian politics, I watch­ed the rehearsal of OYIF (On Your Imaginary Forces), named after a line from William Shakes­peare’s play Henry V.

Spare the rod, spoil the child

CAN a secondary school teacher cane a student for allegedly calling him “Ah qua lao shi” (ladyboy teacher)?

Where kidnapping is a business

When southern Philippines is a prosperous neighbour, then perhaps cross-border abductions will stop.

Is it Azmin or a deepfake?

In the age of sophisticated aI technology, you wonder if the sex video is real or doctored.

Air crash that altered Sabah’s history

More than four decades later, many are still seeking closure over the Double Six tragedy that killed several state leaders.

Aussie PM and his Sabah link

The Sandakan Death March is Australia’s lost World War II history that should not be forgotten.

When a PTPTN U-turn is okay

There is nothing wrong with emulating Barisan’s way of collecting debt, if it works.