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Farewell after almost four decades

After highlighting on women’s issues for 39 years, Utusan Melayu columnist stops writing as the curtain falls on the newspaper this month.

Off The Beat: Swimming with giant manta rays in the Sulawesi Sea

While the world twirls in its technological orbit, somewhere closer to home, an alien-like marine creature, the giant manta ray, cruises the ocean oblivious to the trappings of modern day.

Off The Beat: Swimming with graceful whale sharks at Sulawesi Sea

The prize of columnist Wong Chun Wai's journey to Kalimantan’s best-kept secret? The chance to swim in the Sulawesi Sea with whale sharks.

Chinese police officers join Serbian colleagues on the beat in Belgrade

BELGRADE (Reuters) - Belgrade's main pedestrian street draws large numbers of foreign tourists every summer. This year, for the first time, foreign police officers can also be seen strolling along it.

Off The Beat: Wild as the wind in the Serengeti, northern Tanzania

Last month, our columnist Wong Chun Wai travelled to the Serengeti in northern Tanzania to watch stampedes of wildebeest, or more precisely, the largest mammal migration in the world.

Off The Beat: Up close and personal with the king of beasts in Tanzania

The African plain is harsh territory for most living creatures, and only the fittest survive. But this is exactly where the big cats of Earth call home.

Let’s ensure National Day will always be meaningful

A letter from BORN MALAYSIAN, Kuala Lumpur

Feel the 'Tak Tun' pulse in veteran poet-painter Agi's abstract works

Abdul Ghafar Ibrahim (Agi), who hasn't had a solo show since 1989, is celebrating a return to the art scene with his “Tak Tun” exhibition, now showing at Galeri Aswara in Kuala Lumpur.