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Travel Gab: Bolivia's Uyuni salt flat is like a mirror of the sky

Bolivia's Uyuni lake, the largest salt flat in the world, offers an alluring affect that invokes a feeling different from witnessing the Northern Lights, but with no less the impact.

Study: Omega-3 fats or fish oil pills might not save you from diabetes

A systematic review finds that taking fish oil supplements, which contain omega-3 fats, does not help to prevent diabetes nor treat it.

Fire walk with me: Volcanoes are becoming dangerous tourist attractions

Deep craters, glowing lava, high peaks – volcanoes may be dangerous, but they increasingly are tourist attractions in their own right.

Looking past the border to the Korean Demilitarised Zone

A visit to the Korean Demilitarised Zone raises awareness of the long history between North and South Korea.

Japan-South Korea quarrels annoying for neighbours

Urusai (noisy)!

Flaws seen in Trump's calm response to North Korean missile launches

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday played down North Korea's latest launch of short-range ballistic missiles, calling them "very standard," a response some analysts said exposed flaws in his approach to Pyongyang and ignored the threat posed to allies Japan and South Korea as well as the U.S. troops they host.

North Korea says new missile a ‘solemn warning’ to South Korea

Seoul: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said two missiles fired under his supervision were newly designed tactical weapons that sent a “solemn warning” to the South over plans to hold military drills with the United States.