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Big Smile, No Teeth: Don’t feed the trolls and change the Internet

Tired of stupid memes, flat Earthers and hate messages on the Internet? Then fight the trolls with the truth, with facts and with puppy videos.

Big Smile, No Teeth: Cosmetic solutions won't stop time marching across our face

Those cosmetics companies know a thing or two about our deep-seated instinct to survive – to the tune of billions of dollars in anti-ageing notions, potions and creams.

Big Smile, No Teeth: Amazon burns as world leaders move urgently to... uninspire

As the Amazon rainforest, a.k.a. the lungs of the planet, slowly succumbs to some 80,000 fires, the world is treated to uninspiring green leadership moments.

Big Smile, No Teeth: When you don't know if to laugh or cry over the news

What do you do when all the bad news gets you down? Do you laugh or do you cry? Or do you go off and find funny dog videos to watch online as Big Smile, No Teeth columnist Jason Godfrey did after the last week's incredibly depressing news cycle.

Facts are facts, Malaysia! Vaccines can't cause autism

Did you check the facts behind that post you just shared? Big Smile No Teeth columnist Jason Godfrey believes human beings are geared to remember stories no matter how completely wrong they are, while cold hard facts about vital matters like vaccines just slip away.

Big Smile, No Teeth: Jason Godfrey predicts 2019

Let the predictions begin! Everyone loves a prediction or listening to predictions at the start of a new year, reckons Big Teeth No Smile columnist Jason Godfrey.

Big Smile, No Teeth: Now is the time for action against climate change

Why are there still debates about climate change? Why are we not actually already doing something concrete about the most pressing problem the world is facing, wonders Big Smile, No Teeth columnist Jason Godfrey.

Big Smile, No Teeth: We’re all going to lose our jobs to AI

Actor, model and 'Big Smile, No Teeth' columnist Jason Godfrey frets over human job opportunities as advanced A.I. marches on towards becoming overlords of the future.

Big Smile, No Teeth: Jason Godfrey learns 5 stage actor secrets the hard way

Imagine forgetting your lines. On a stage. In front of a live audience! The five things Jason Godfrey learnt about acting on a stage.