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Triple protection

THE latest beauty products on the shelves.

Of richness and euphoria

Hugo Boss Baldessarini from Hugo Boss is representative of refined luxury, a luxury that has nothing to do with showing off.

Of sensuous scent and lovely lips

TO HERALD the year 2003, Dior presents two exciting limited-edition products, the I Love Dior Fragrance and I Love Dior Lip Palette.

Love is in the air

Scent can be a powerful weapon in the game of love, and a potion for passion. To prove its point, we asked three personalities about the love and scents in their lives. This is what they had to say.

Adding the fun

Compiled by IRENE KIEW

Sparkle and shine

IRENE KIEW and MAJORIE CHIEW review the latest beauty products on the shelves.

Blue to feel good

These days, fragrances are no longer only about smelling good; it#8217;s a lifestyle. It#8217;s about defining who you are, what your goals are, and what you want to become.

Dashing colours

NIGHT Amulet from ettusais is a powder-form skincare protection for women#8217;s complexion. It works while you sleep at night to improve rough skin by absorbing and controlling the cause of roughness.

Senseless slaughter

The slaughter of two gaurs, an endangered species of wild cattle, in Vietnam has drawn public outrage, writes TRAN DINH THANH LAM.

Chance encounters

Daring entrepreneurship born of chance encounters is what propelled the original-thinking Coco Chanel to worldwide fame and fortune. MICHELE LIAN recounts Chanel#8217;s life while getting acquainted with the new fragrance named CHANCE.