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Eating Out

Yakitori rules at Palilos Yakitori Bar

Yakitori takes centre stage at Palilos Yakitori Bar where all manner of grilled food like grilled wings, gizzard, Iberico pork appear.

Food News

Chetti Peranakan-influenced family recipes for Deepavali from octogenarian home cook Sushila Nadarajah

Home cook Sushila Nadarajah still cooks Chetti Peranakan-influenced recipes for Deepavali like chicken vindaloo, mee rebus and acar.

Food News

Home cook Nallini Swaminathan still makes heirloom Malayalee recipes for Deepavali

Home cook and psychologist Dr Nallini Swaminathan whips up heirloom Malayalee recipes that she inherited from her mother for Deepavali every year.

Food News

Cooking The Books: Decadent desserts, virtuous veg and plant food

This month's cookbook reviews include Jamie Oliver's latest vegetable homage, Amy Chaplin's new whole food tribute, and Caroline Khoo's military-precision pastries.


Replacing chips and fries with nuts for less weight gain? That's nuts!

A study finds that replacing chips, crisps and processed meats with a serving of nuts every day is linked to less weight gain and lower obesity risk.


Travel Gab: The secret to longevity in Okinawa, Japan

More people are looking to Okinawa in Japan for a well-rounded holiday – and tips for longevity. Okinawa has 68 centenarians per 100,000 inhabitants, three times more than the US.


Teen goes blind from eating just junk food and processed meats

A British teenager has lost his eyesight after living for years on a diet consisting solely of junk food like potato chips, white bread, ham and sausages.