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Get on the bus! Survey says KL has cheapest public transport in the region

According to a recent survey, the Malaysian capital has the cheapest bus and train tickets in South-East Asia, a big savings cost for backpackers on a budget.

Human Writes: Electric buses could solve our air, traffic pollution woes

Could the answer to better public transport and fewer traffic jams (not to mention less pollution) lie in that old-fashioned thing called a bus? Yes, if they're electric buses and there are a lot of them.

Where to get the best D24 and Black Thorn durians in Malaysia

Farmers Ocean Chua and Leow Cheok Kiang now officially have the best D24 and Black Thorn durians in Malaysia after nabbing the top spot in the Bangi Golf Resort's World Durian Championship: Malaysia Edition 2019.

Eizlan Yusof wins Asian Most Promising Actor Award in Seoul

The Malaysian actor was in Seoul to receive the award at the 2019 Chunsa Film Art Awards held on July 18, in Seoul, Korea. 

K-pop fan triggers fire alarm in NCT 127's London hotel

Trigger a fire alarm so that you can be near enough to watch your favourite boyband evacuating from their hotel? That was what happened on Sunday (July 7) in London, with the commotion blamed on an overzealous fan of South Korean group NCT 127.

Tessa Hadley's 'Late In The Day' is extraordinarily good, within its limits

Tessa Hadley's 'Late In The Day' is a novel whose subject matter and handling imposes limitations – but within those limitations it is, I think, extraordinarily good.

Pigs in the city: Hong Kong faces growing wild boar problem

Hong Kong is struggling to contain a wild boar problem, as the animals are getting too close for comfort to the human population.