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Dear Thelma: Why do my friends treat me like dirt?

This girl is having a lot of problems trying to cultivate friendships with others, in part because the "friends" she's had in her life so far have not been true friends. This discourages her from making new friends.


Dear Thelma: Cheating wife blames husband for her infidelity

Green Hat is having sleepless nights thinking about his wife's extra-marital affair. And he doesn't want his children to grow up in a broken family.


Dear Thelma: Mean relatives are wreaking havoc on my family

Rehana can't understand why her relatives hate her family and are so jealous of them although they are richer than her family. What makes it worse is that her grandparents are always partial towards those relatives.


Dear Thelma: He lies, he cheats, and he expects me to just take it

Reedly is frustrated that her boyfriend is spending too much time with another woman on social media and professing love, even though he denies he loves the other woman.


Dear Thelma: Frustrated with a man who can’t let go of his 'ex-wife'

Being with a married man who is waiting for his divorce to come through is a big challenge for "Confused And Stressed" because the man still refers to his "ex-wife" as his "wife".


Dear Thelma: I’m an adult but my mum still wants to control my life

Thelma helps two daughters having issues with their mothers: "Harassed" says that whatever she wants to do, she has to ask permission from her mum, while "Adopted Daughter" is terrified of her mum who scolds and hits her, and she wants to run away from home.


Dear Thelma: 'Lost Girl' falls for a 'walking time bomb'

Lost Girl and this guy have known each other for five years now, and they have been intimate. She wants to take their friendship to the next level but, for various reasons, he only wants to remain as friends and nothing more.


Dear Thelma: He says he loves me but there are two other girls in the picture

For Crowded, everything about the guy seemed honest and real. But in reality, he was three-timing her.