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Mat lajak nabbed, modified bicycles seized

PETALING JAYA: Four teenage mat lajak were getting ready to race in Sri Damansara but the authorities were one step ahead and brought their plans to an abrupt halt.

The ‘Mat Lajak’ are back on the road

JOHOR BARU: Even after eight teenagers lost their lives, the “Mat Lajak” in Johor are refusing to learn from the past. The cyclists are making a comeback on major roads around.

10 Mat Lajak boys detained in Kluang

KLUANG: Police detained 10 Mat Lajak boys for riding modified bicycles during an operation here on Friday.

Cops may charge young racers’ parents to curb Mat Lajak menace

GEORGE TOWN: Police are looking at charging the parents of young racers on modified bicycles commonly known as ‘Mat Lajak’.

Parents must play a major role to stop Mat Lajak menace

JOHOR BARU: The illegal bicycle racers (Mat Lajak) problem is not just confined to major cities but also taking place in towns as well.

Education Dept: Tackling Mat Lajak menace in Johor an uphill task

JOHOR BARU: The Education Department is facing a problem in many schools when addressing social ills, including the Mat Lajak menace, because most teenagers will not tell on their mates.

Get Mat Lajak to compete in state contests

From JAI, Batu Caves

Time to address the Mat Lajak problem

Give energetic teens other ways to challenge themselves like taking up sports.

Johor cops keeping close watch on Mat Lajak after latest arrest

JOHOR BARU: Police are closely monitoring the Mat Lajak menace with the arrest of 13 cyclists recently.

Putting the brakes on ‘mat lajak’ menace

JOHOR BARU: A special police crackdown against the mat lajak (teenagers involved in illegal bicycle racing) menace has resulted in 91 modified bicycles being taken off the streets.