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Road-ready recorders

IK Multimedia, an Italian manufacturer of music creation and playback devices, has produced the iRig Mic and Mic Cast to cater to the needs of musicians and business professionals always on the go.


Publishers are making more video – whether you want it or not

Mic, a website aimed at millennials, used to employ 40 writers and editors producing articles on topics like “celebrating beauty” and “strong women.”


Jabra designs a microphone for extreme conditions

Jabra has created a prototype Bluetooth microphone for extreme sports that cuts down on noise even in challenging environments with adverse weather conditions.


New app takes users into the minds of chefs

It’s not your usual food and restaurant app. It’s not about sharing recipes or top dining addresses. Instead Morsel hands the proverbial mic to chefs, sommeliers and mixologists who take readers into their world -- sometimes a singular and eye-opening space.


Tips for good podcast microphones

Podcasts have never been more popular and technically anyone has the ability to make one.


Not funny: Google removes April Fools' Day prank email feature

Google hastily removed an April Fools' Day feature that allowed Gmail users to send e-mails and not see the replies, after the joke fell very flat with some people.


After Amazon Echo misfire, ways to protect your own privacy

There's no way to eliminate these sorts of privacy risks short of unplugging entirely, but you can minimise the odds of unpleasant privacy surprises with a few precautionary steps.


Think twice before sharing medical secrets with Amazon’s Alexa, Florida’s CFO warns

Amid reports that Amazon employs thousands of people to listen to customers talk to their virtual personal assistant Alexa, Florida’s chief financial officer is warning residents to be careful what they say about their private health matters.


Google shareholder joins outcry over potential China censorship

Google’s exploratory work on a censored Chinese search engine, which last year sparked employee protests and questions in the US Congress, is stoking shareholder activism.