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Better planning needed on highways

I URGE the relevant authorities, especially highway operators, to help resolve the traffic congestion that motorists face on weekends as well at the beginning and end of holidays.

Say sawasdee to en-Thai-cing dishes

A RICH blend of spice, sweet and sour tastes that satiate all corners of the palate is probably the reason why many people love Thai food.

Traditional mattress maker still making kapok-stuffed items for customers

Sing Keng Wah Kedai Tilam is probably the only shop left in Johor selling traditional mattress.

The last of his kind

JOHOR BARU: Sing Keng Wah Kedai Tilam is probably the only remaining traditional mattress maker left in Johor.

Woman admits to attacking girl outside club

SINGAPORE: Five women, unhappy with a clubber they accused of flirting with their friend’s boyfriend, ganged up on their teenage victim and rained blows on her.

Scrumptious spread of Japanese cuisine

PENANGITES will get to indulge in the true taste of Japan at Lexis Suites Penang’s Umi Japanese Restaurant with its sumptuous array of delectable offerings.

Socso’s drive for healthy and productive life

Nevermind if you cannot run. It is good enough to brisk walk with us.