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Vote cuisine: How to pair your food with the polls

We rip off the news headlines leading up to the General Election for some food ideas.

Plans for India Club cook up storm

Plans to renovate the historic and beloved The India Club restaurant in central London are causing a stir, pitting developers against defenders.

Legendary Bar Hemingway shares recipe for Serendipity cocktail

It's the soundtrack of summer- ice cubes clinking, effervescent bubbles popping and corks a-popping. To help jazz up your backyard barbecue, summer dinner party or Sunday brunch, Colin Field, who helms the historic Bar Hemingway at the Ritz Paris, shares the secrets to making the bar's signature cocktail, The Serendipity, a refreshing and sophisticated drink that marries the flavors of apple with mint, and coats the mouth with Champagne bubbles.

Tracking down the origins of nonya cooking

The global roots of nonya cuisine are traced through its implements of cooking, one senduk at a time.

Putting food hacks to the test

You’d think by now all the tricks to faster, easier and ultimately better food would have been discovered.

Carlsberg recreates historic lager with old yeast

Project ReBrew sees Carlsberg going back in time to recreate a classic brew.

Send best wishes in love letters

After 34 years, Julie’s Love Letters is still bringing hearts and families together during the festive season.

The case of the Hot Cocoa Killer

Was it food-related? Cocoa, that innocuous hot beverage, may have used as a weapon in an unsolved 19th century case.

Darren Chin: 'This is it, this is the end of the line for me'

One of Malaysia’s fastest-rising stars in the culinary scene, Darren Chin speaks about his life and what makes him tick.

Keeping ritual foods of Penang alive

The festive food workshops at the Eat Rite: Ritual Foods of George Town celebrations shared tasty stories behind every traditional kuih.