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New York sues Charter, alleges Time Warner fraud on Internet speeds

New York filed a lawsuit on Feb 1 accusing Charter Communications Inc of short-changing customers who were promised faster Internet speeds than it could deliver.


China aims to boost Internet speeds, cut prices

China will accelerate development of its high-speed broadband networks to raise Internet speeds and cut prices, long bugbears in a country where many people still have no access to the web.


US says its Internet speeds triple in three and half years

US Internet connection speeds have tripled over three and a half years to keep up with consumer demands for streaming video and downloading content but the United States still lags many other countries.


Google releases new Africa app to beat sluggish Internet speeds

Google is releasing an app in Africa that will help Internet users overcome obstacles such as the lack of high-speed connectivity and the cost of data on the continent.


US gains Internet speeds, but gaps remain: regulator

Americans enjoyed improved Internet connections over the past year, but some providers were inconsistent or fell short of delivering advertised speeds, the US telecom regulator said Wednesday.


US Internet access ahead of EU in key areas: study

A study disputing findings that the US lags in Internet speeds said Wednesday that Americans have better access to broadband than most Europeans.


US boosting broadband speed, but growth uneven

Americans are generally getting much faster Internet speeds than a few years ago, but growth is uneven depending on the type of connections, a government report said.


US sues AT&T over alleged data throttling on phone plans

The U.S. government sued AT&T Inc, alleging the No. 2 U.S. wireless carrier sold consumers unlimited data plans but would reduce their Internet speeds once they exceeded a certain amount of data.


The Internet superhighway is just around the corner

Comcast aims to crank up its entire US cable network with blazing fast Internet speeds in the next two years, shared Robert Howald, Comcast vice-president of network architecture.