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Melting ice in the Bering Sea causes massive environmental changes

This ice provided a giant platform for growing algae at the base of the food chain, and has been a significant contributor to the remarkable productivity of a body of water, stretching from Alaska to northeast Russia, that sustains some of the biggest fisheries on the planet.

Socialite Jas Chin's bubbly personality captivates as she models DeGem jewellery

Channelling looks from the 1960s, socialite Jas Chin's positive personality shines through with the help of DeGem Jewellery

Dear Thelma: 'Lost Girl' falls for a 'walking time bomb'

Lost Girl and this guy have known each other for five years now, and they have been intimate. She wants to take their friendship to the next level but, for various reasons, he only wants to remain as friends and nothing more.

Eating Out: Modern South-East Asian fare at Jing Ze

Jing Ze Contemporary Asian Restaurant is a hotbed of ideas and innovation spurred by the creativity of chef-owner Nicholas Scorpion, who serves up delicious fare like smoked black grouper, wagyu rump cap and more.

Budget 2020: Invest in solutions now to save on healthcare costs later

With some funding now, we can significantly control future medicine costs, provide appropriate insurance coverage and lay the foundation for old age care.

Kuala Lumpur's Bukit Kiara is a hiker's paradise

Bukit Kiara may not seem like a great choice for a good trek as the highest point is only 250m. But for hikers who go up there regularly, the rewards are immense and immeasurable.

6 reasons why growing a beard is better for your health

Aesthetic reasons aside, growing a beard might actually be good for male health, especially when it comes to the health of their skin.