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Budget 2020: Invest in solutions now to save on healthcare costs later

With some funding now, we can significantly control future medicine costs, provide appropriate insurance coverage and lay the foundation for old age care.

Stylish hats: Supermodel-approved fashion accessory of the season

The fashion world has spent the past few weeks frolicking in sunshine – and yes, this includes the supermodels, who show that stylish hats are non-negotiable, even on vacation.

Myths and risks in FaceApp that gives you peek into older self

Is a peek into the future worth your privacy in the present? That concern was pushed to the spotlight this week with the resurgence of a smartphone app that uses artificial intelligence to transform your current face into your younger and older selves.

Musical offers cautionary tale of 'till death do you work... then work some more

Theatre musical 'The Working Dead' at KLPac offers a cautionary tale of working till you die, and then working some more.

Glam and power at Super Raya gathering

TRUE to its mission of ‘Living it Super to put a smile on your face’, the Super Group indeed brought smiles all around to fans of local celebrities Izzue Islam and Yana Samsudin.

The struggle to turn your face into secure travel ID

The global travel industry is looking to replace your paper tickets and security documents with your biometric data in an effort to ease gridlock.

One-sided facial pain could be due to trigeminal neuraglia

There are a number of conditions that can cause pain on on either the right or left side of your face, and one of them is a problem with your trigeminal nerve.