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CNN's Richard Quest on the exciting events at Malaysia’s GE14

CNN presenter Richard Quest on what makes a good hotel room, drinking hot chocolate at the end of the day and the exciting turn of events at Malaysia’s GE14.

Movie Review

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’: Still crazy after all these years

It’s the wildest ride yet as Ethan Hunt and team trot around the globe looking for missing plutonium under the baleful glare of Superman’s moustache.


Skyscraper, and 8 more movies to watch this July

It's sequels galore this month as follow-ups to the Mission: Impossible, Hotel Transylvania, Escape Plan and Mamma Mia franchises hit cinemas.


Dinosaurs, superheroes, Malaysians: 14 summer blockbusters to see in 2018

Thieves, dinosaurs, superheroes and Malaysians: Summer blockbuster season is underway, and we pick out the ones we are most excited about.


Tom Cruise hangs on to helicopters a lot in 'Mission: Impossible'

See how Tom Cruise fares against Henry Cavill in ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ on July 26.


Hurricane Maria may be the United States’ preview of climate-fuelled migration

Hurricane Maria may be the United States’ preview of a climate-fuelled migration that could strain housing and job markets in cities.


Resource rich, result poor

Venezuela is on the brink of an economic collapse despite being a heavy exporter of oil. Or is it because of it?


Why don't local movies do well at the box-office?

Low cinema attendance and international releases not excuses for local movies poor box office performance.

Movie Review

Review: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

The latest M:I flick stands tall among spy/action thrillers.