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It’s time to focus on hidden economy

A TAX officer went to buy a bicycle for his kid. The seller asked if he would like to get a receipt and pay the tax, which will result in higher price, or buy the bicycle without the receipt and purchase it at a lower price. So, the tax inspector paused and thought for a moment on, “What should I do?”


The dirt on money laundering

Money laundering Money is the main cause for people to engage in almost any type of criminal activity. Money-laundering is the process of concealing the source of illicit funds or “dirty money.’’


US ban on slave-made goods nets tiny fraction of US$400bil threat

WASHINGTON: A US law banning slave-made imports has netted only US$6.3mil worth of goods from artificial sweetener to garlic in three years, activists and lawmakers said, urging the government to ramp up its efforts in the global drive to stop forced labour.

Corporate News

193 Bangladeshis locked up in shop house enroute to Malaysia for jobs

MEDAN, Indonesia: Indonesian police found 193 Bangladeshis locked up in a shop house after human traffickers had lured them with the promise of getting them to Malaysia for jobs, an immigration official said on Thursday.

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Foreign worker migration overhaul

THE management of foreign worker migration processes has long been a contentious issue largely because of many unnecessary layers and costs. Rendered helpless, the biggest victims are often the workers who, based on official data, already number more than a million in the country.


Over 100 industry bodies urge govt to extend deadline for foreign workers

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 100 industry associations and chambers have appealed to the government to extend the legalisation deadline for foreign workers and suspend the on-going raids.

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Apple, Amazon and Google also are bracing for privacy regulations

U.S. technology companies have stayed largely exempt from significant government regulation and self-policing of privacy, but that is about to change