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E-scooters banned from footpaths

SINGAPORE: Electric scooters will be banned from footpaths from today, in the latest and toughest measure yet to address public safety concerns surrounding their use.


In Paris, cars forced to make way for the two-wheel revolution

With the wind rushing through their hair, they zip past on bikes, electric scooters and mono-wheels, effortlessly passing lines of hot-and-bothered drivers stuck in the endless Paris traffic.


US hoverboard fire lawsuit against Amazon can move forward

A Tennessee family can press its lawsuit against online retailer Amazon over a hoverboard fire that destroyed their home, an appeals court has ruled, saying the company was aware of complaints about the devices catching fire and exploding.


Riding the mobility trend

ALL the hype around mobility has been focused on the rise of electric cars. Most of the global automakers have jumped on the bandwagon with partnerships and acquisitions to ensure that they are not left behind in the new era of electric dreams.


Great Scott! ‘Fortnite’ adds hoverboard homage

Twenty years after Back to the Future II introduced hoverboards to the mainstream, Fortnite is adding its own twist on the sci-fi sliding transport in the Feb 19 update 7.40.