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Ghastly? That’s my cabin, sir!

I WAS on a British Airways flight from Edinburgh to London Heathrow recently. As the cabin crew was pushing the trolley, I asked for a glass of water.

'Pokok' playwright Johan Jaaffar: 'Director U-Wei Hj Saari is exhilarating'

'Pokok' is a tight-budget production trying literally to make ends meet. They did not get big sponsors to come in. Producing a stage play isn’t easy these days. As it was years ago when I started on stage.

'Pokok' sees Johan Jaaffar, U-Wei Saari's first collaboration

Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar and filmmaker U-Wei Saari collaborate for the first time in theatre production Pokok, which plays at the Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Auditorium in December.

'Orang Itu': Sofia Jane stars in a gem of a movie about the homeless

'Orang Itu' melts the heart without dramatic pomposity. It is as heart-wrenching as it is truthful, and one of the best things to happen in Malaysian cinema of late. Starring Sofia Jane.

'Gol & Gincu' is all set to score again with Vol. 2 in October

The 2005 Gol & Gincu elevated stars Fazura and Sazzy Falak gets a reboot in October with a brand new cast – Diana Danielle and Ummi Nazeera – and a somewhat similar premise.

Tribute to Khalid Salleh, the medicine seller who redefined acting

Playwright Johan Jaaffar pays homage to the late Khalid Salleh, who rose from being a medicine seller to become one of the greatest Malaysian actors on stage, film and television.

Actor Khalid Salleh dies at 70

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor, author and arts activist Khalid Salleh (pic), who, for over 40 years, was a familiar fixture in the Malay film, theatre and literature scene, has died after suffering breathing problems. He was 70.

Malaysian actor Khalid Salleh dies at 70

Khalid Salleh is best known for his role in U-Wei’s ‘Jogho’, which won him the Best Actor award in Asia-Pacific Film Festival in 1998.