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Time ripe for Cabinet reshuffle

With Datuk Seri Anwar returning to Parliament and the Cabinet littered with some non-performing ministers, it is time for PM Tun Dr Mahathir to carry out positive changes to his six-month-old governing body.


Transport experts: Time to look for cheaper alternative

PETALING JAYA: Scrapping the MRT3 Line for now will allow the Government to review the costly project and look for a cheaper alternative, say public transport experts.


Pressure piling on new Proton CEO

CEO Dr Li is instituting changes to Proton to reduce cost and improve quality, but these measures are facing opposition from some quarters.


Back to business after unity rally

After a euphoric gathering filled with political slogans, MCA and Gerakan will have to get down to serious business to win more votes in the general election.


Victims of development

Several roads in the city have been upgraded to accommodate heavy traffic. However, businesses in these areas are badly affected and fighting to stay afloat.


China projects to hit Singapore

The giant republic’s aggressive investments in ports and rail links in Malaysia under its belt-road regional economic expansion programme is going to change the outlook for the island republic.


A rail boost with focus outside the Klang Valley

FOR the first time in years, the Budget’s allocation for public transport moved away from the Klang Valley, with allocations going into growing rail services in other parts of Peninsular Malaysia.


China dangles the economic carrot

A NUMBER of economic promises have come Malaysia’s way as the region prepares for the arrival of the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail (HSR).


China is forerunner in HSR project

In just 13 years since rolling out its first high speed train, the republic has become the system’s fastest developer in the world. Now, it is eyeing a spot in Malaysia-Singapore’s rail project and its chances are bright indeed.


Towards a sustainable transport system

Letter: From GOH BOK YEN of Petaling Jaya.