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Reflecting On The Law

Can MPs hold positions in GLCs?

For Parliament to function well, legislators need to be independent of external pressure, including the temptations that the executive can offer. It boils down to the Federal Constitution’s definition of an office of profit.

Reflecting On The Law

Posers on constitutional position

ALL crises produce heroes or bystanders. Malaysia’s frontline workers of the Covid-19 catastrophe were rightly applauded as national heroes by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in his Royal Address to Parliament on May 18.

Reflecting On The Law

State defiance lacks legal basis

NINE out of the 13 states of the federation are not in sync with the Federal Government’s conditional movement control order (MCO).

Reflecting On The Law

Religion, reason can go hand in hand

We can’t go outside often because of the movement control order, but it doesn’t stop us from going deep inside ourselves to tap the power within.

Reflecting On The Law

Present constitutional dilemmas

Parliament should be convened immediately to show due respect to this august institution and comply with traditions of democracy to tackle these issues amid fight against Covid-19.


Getting out of the political impasse



R.AGE Newsflash: Constitutional monarchs and politics don't mix, say experts

PETALING JAYA: Monarchs in a constitutional monarchy need to stay out of politics to maintain the country’s stability, say experts.