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Katz Tales: Miss Tic Tac is newest addition to columnist's family

When a neighbour finds a kitten in the traffic, Target and Swooner are landed with a new sister.

Dog Talk: A game of cat and mouse with a cunning hound

Our columnist, out looking for her missing cat, is given a right royal fright when her neighbour's dog creeps up from behind her like a ninja.

Symptoms of a cat that isn’t feeling well

Catching a problem early can mean the difference between life and death. Also, it often comes with lighter vet bills. Some symptoms to look out for: listlessness, being disinterested in normal play and running around, and being uncharacteristically bad-tempered.

Katz Tales: Could Swooner's sneezes mean a serious illness?

The columnist's cat, Swooner, has an episode of sneezing for a couple of weeks. When a vet mentions feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus, she is horrified!

Pawsome tips on how to take great photos of black pets

It can be very difficult to photograph a black dog because all the black fur absorbs the light and makes it hard to see contrast. So, how do you show off your jet-black pet? Here are some tips.

Superstition says black dogs bring bad luck but that couldn't be further from the truth

Over time, black animals became the poster pets for evil. And by the 1580s, writers like Shakespeare began to use the image, coining expressions like black curse, black intentions and black soul – all meaning evil. However, it is mere superstition that black pets bring bad luck.

More to the weird and wonderful cat tongue than meets the eye

The small spines (called papillae) on a cat's tongue are very rough, a little bit like a rasp. So, when a cat washes, this rasp goes deep into the fur touching the skin. The dragging spines stimulate skin glands into releasing a series of body chemicals that help make the coat water-resistant.

Katz Tales: There's more to a cat's lick than a rasping kiss

I will be lying in bed, warm and cosy when, suddenly, there’s a bump on the bed. Before I can collect myself and hide under the pillow, a wet sandpapery tongue rasps over my nose. To Swooner, that early morning greeting says “I love you” in Cat.

Pomeranians originated from Pomerania in Europe and were bred for luxury

Well bred and socialised Poms are happy, friendly and outgoing but they tend to be loud. They can’t be left alone in apartments or they become nuisance barkers. Little bones mean they have to be handled carefully.

Dog Talk: Sweet Pomeranian pup is irresistible in his charm

Beary is four months old, just a small ball of fluff but with a personality the size of a planet. The second he saw me, he was waving his tail and yipping excitedly. He sniffed my hand for a second, licked it enthusiastically, and then insisted on up-close and personal kisses. In a word: irresistible.