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I’m nice, says hacker

b>PARIS:/bThe Frenchman accused of infiltrating Twitter and peeping at the account of US President Barack Obama says he wanted to reveal just how vulnerable online data systems are to break-ins.


Govt targets websites that teach criminal activities

b>KUALA LUMPUR:/bThe Government is looking into the powers of prosecution provided for in the Computer Crimes Act to take action against websites engaged in drug experiments, gambling and explosives production, Information Communications, Culture and Arts Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said.


Bringing 3D to your TV

There are a few different technologies for bringing 3D to your home and we'll delve into them right now.


Tech company website hit by rogueware

b>PETALING JAYA/b>: The website address of a local technology company was hijacked and anyone trying to access the site from a web search list would instead be hit by 'rogueware.'


Pixar team gives animation tips

b>KUALA LUMPUR/b>: The Pixar i>Toy Story 3/iLecture Series is a success, with the more than 600 animation professionals and students who attended singing its praises.


Web browser pioneer backs new way to surf Internet

b>SAN FRANCISCO/b>: The Web has changed a lot since Marc Andreessen revolutionised the Internet with the introduction of his i>Netscape/ibrowser in the mid-1990s. That's why he's betting people are ready to try a different websurfing technique on a new browser called i>RockMelt/i>.


The Force is strong in this one

That famous hologram of Princess Leia in i>Star Wars/iis slowly turning into reality.


Disney’s earnings leak sprung from Goofy mistake

b>LOS ANGELES:/bThe Walt Disney Co's early release of its earnings report this month came down to a Dumbo move: The company made the information accessible through an easy-to-guess web address.


Web browser flaw secretly bares all

b>SAN FRANCISCO/b>: Dozens of websites have been secretly harvesting lists of places that their users previously visited online, everything from news articles to bank sites to pornography, a team of computer scientists found.


Protests, cyberskirmishes rage over WikiLeaks

b>LONDON/b>: Skirmishes raged across cyberspace between WikiLeaks supporters and the companies they accuse of trying to stifle the group, with websites on both sides of the battle line taken out of service or choked off by attacks.