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Nation 24 Dec 2019 | 3:49 PM

Onus is on AG to act on CPM issue, says former IGP Haniff

KUALA LUMPUR: The spotlight should be on Attorney General Tan Sri Tommy Thomas to see if he takes action against individuals who violated the Hat Yai Peace Accord, says Tun Haniff Omar.The former inspector-general of police said that members of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) who returned to Malaysia after the peace deal was signed had certain conditions imposed on them.“They must adhere to Malaysia's laws and Constitution. After the accord was signed, I asked them to take an oath.“They refused to do at first, but when I instructed my men to send them back, they changed their minds,” Haniff said in his speech during a gathering of national warriors “against the rise of communist ideology” at Padang Merbok on Tuesday (Dec 24).The government must ensure that these former CPM members still abided by the conditions, he added.“If they break the law, action must be taken by the police.“However, will they be prosecuted?“This is because prosecution is in the hands of the Attorney General … so now we must look to and cast the light on him,” Haniff said.Later at a press conference held after the event, he said about 300 ex-CPM members who returned from Hat Yai should have changed their ways instead of holding on to the communist ideology.“We gave them opportunity to return to Malaysia and start a new life but they still idolise communism.“We must never forget how brutal and merciless they (CPM members) were,” he said, referring to the communist insurgency that officially lasted from 1968 to 1989.While CPM leader Chin Peng could have passed for a coffee shop owner, he was responsible for various atrocities against Malaysians, he added.“A day before the (Hat Yai) Accord was signed, he (Chin Peng) asked me whether he could return, and I told him only if he obeyed the law and (there would be) no return as a hero.“I told him he killed three of my uncles and even (former MCA president) Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik’s father.“He tried to ask me about the specifics, but I ignored his questions and told him ‘tomorrow we sign’ (the peace treaty),” Haniff said.After the accord was signed, those involved had lunch and he sat next to Chin Peng, he added.“I could not even swallow my food as he (Chin Peng) was to my right. I stood up and left the venue,” he said. Keywords: Chin Peng, CPM, Hat Yai Accord, Communist Insurgency, Haniff Omar, Tommy Thomas