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Worker’s injury casts harsh new light on Foxconn, China

Foxconn has been pushing for a Chinese worker left brain-damaged in a factory accident to be removed from hospital.


How to keep your smartphone battery in prime condition

Many confusing and contradictory rules are shared about what smartphone users should do to keep a battery in good health. But just one need be remembered: smartphone batteries last longer if they aren't completely drained before charging.


Uber’s well-paid ‘whistleblower’ slammed by in-house lawyer

An Uber Technologies Inc security manager who was paid US$4.5mil (RM18.43mil) over his termination was derided by one of the company’s top internal lawyers as a thief and “extortionist” who made “fantastical” allegations of unethical conduct inside the company.


US scientists track fish migration using DNA in water samples

A simple analysis of fish DNA in water drawn from two New York rivers successfully tracked the presence or absence of numerous species during a spring marine migration, according to new research.


‘Germ-zapping’ robot latest tool to banish deadly hospital infections

They're the unseen visitors in hospitals, but they can be fatal. Germs that cause hospital-acquired infections are a stubbornly difficult problem for hospitals, which are continually seeking better ways to banish bacteria and germs that can be killers.


Do automakers have the mettle to harness potentially lucrative data?

When cars exit the tunnel of the next 15 years, they'll be like giant smartphones.


Smugglers use Uber-registered drivers to move migrants to US border

Human traffickers are finding increasingly creative ways of shuttling Central American migrants through Mexico to the US border, and that includes hiring Uber-registered drivers.


Taking care of your rechargeable batteries

Maximise the usable life of the batteries in your devices.


History of the rechargeable battery

The demand for rechargeable batteries in our devices means that rechargeable batteries have gotten better over the years


Smart textiles could remove pollution from our homes

A team of researchers at the CNRS research center in the French city of Lyon have developed a light-emitting textile that could absorb the pollution in our homes.