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U.N. deals diplomatic blow to Britain and U.S. over Indian Ocean islands

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly demanded on Wednesday that Britain give up control over the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean within six months, dealing a diplomatic blow to Britain and the United States.


U.N. experts rebuke U.S. "threats", visa ban on ICC investigators

GENEVA (Reuters) - United Nations human rights experts called on the United States on Friday to stop its "threats" and visa bans against the International Criminal Court (ICC), which they rejected as "improper interference".


World Court - Britain must return Indian Ocean islands to Mauritius

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - The World Court on Monday told Britain to give up control over the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean, and said it had wrongfully forced the population to leave in the 1970s to make way for a U.S. air base.


Travel ban on Venezuela's Guaido breaches legal standards - U.N. expert

GENEVA (Reuters) - A travel ban and asset freeze imposed on Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido by the country's Supreme Court do not respect legal standards, a U.N. adviser on judicial independence said in on Friday.


U.S. lawmakers urge Pentagon to revise climate change report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three Democratic U.S. lawmakers, including the House armed services committee chairman, on Wednesday urged the Pentagon to revise a report on climate change, saying it omitted required items such as a list of the 10 most vulnerable bases.


U.S. flies bombers over South China Sea amid heightened tensions with Beijing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. military flew B-52 bombers in the vicinity of the South China Sea this week, U.S. officials told Reuters, a move that is likely to cause anger in Beijing amid heightened tensions between the two countries.


World Court weighs Britain's claim to Chagos Islands in Indian Ocean

THE HAGUE (Reuters) - The legality of Britain's claim to the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean, which house a major U.S. military base, will be considered by the International Court of Justice on Monday when it starts a week of hearings.