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First Zika patient getting better

PETALING JAYA: The first Zika patient in the country is recuperating well at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

Check if you really need antibiotics

PETALING JAYA: “There’s data everywhere in the world to show that the more you use antibiotics, the higher the bacterial resistance towards antibiotics,” said Sungai Buloh Hospital Infectious Disease head Datuk Dr Christopher Lee.

Expert: Dengue patients should get tested for Chikungunya, too

KUALA LUMPUR: People living in Chikungunya endemic areas should get themselves tested for the disease other than getting a standard dengue test, says Sungai Buloh Hospital Infectious Disease Unit head Datuk Dr Christopher Lee.

'Superbugs’ spur campaign for stricter use of antibiotics

KUALA LUMPUR: The use of antibiotics in Malaysia has to be streamlined due to an alarming rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria, said the Health Ministrys Department of Medicine, National Head and Consultant for infectious disease Datuk Dr Christopher Lee on Saturday.

Doc: Malaysians need to be more civic conscious

PETALING JAYA: The more serious cases of leptospirosis tend to occur in waterfalls or river picnic areas, says Datuk Dr Christopher Lee, the Health Ministry national adviser on infectious diseases.

Global spread of resistant microorganisms a nightmare

PUTRAJAYA: A powerful antibiotic to treat serious bacterial infections is no longer effective in six out of 10 patients as a result of years of widespread abuse of antibiotics in the country.

Is flu seasonal?

So you think the flu is seasonal?