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'Superbugs’ spur campaign for stricter use of antibiotics

KUALA LUMPUR: The use of antibiotics in Malaysia has to be streamlined due to an alarming rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria, said the Health Ministrys Department of Medicine, National Head and Consultant for infectious disease Datuk Dr Christopher Lee on Saturday.

Global spread of resistant microorganisms a nightmare

PUTRAJAYA: A powerful antibiotic to treat serious bacterial infections is no longer effective in six out of 10 patients as a result of years of widespread abuse of antibiotics in the country.

Even straight people get HIV

Yesterday was World AIDS Day. After more than 25 years and with 80,000 Malaysians living with HIV/AIDS, there are still those who continue to discriminate and remain seemingly unaware of the disease.

Growing number of rats getting traders and residents worried

IF YOU eat at a hawker stall by the roadside, chances are you would be accompanied by a rodent or three.

Hundreds train attention on spreading awareness on AIDS

KUALA LUMPUR: They rode the KTM Komuter and walked for about 2km, with some carrying candles to remember those who died from HIV/AIDS, show solidarity for those still living with the virus and spread awareness on the disease.

‘Go back to basics to stem HIV rise’

KUALA LUMPUR: There is a need to go “back to basics” if Malaysia wants to stem a further rise in HIV cases caused by sexual transmission, an infectious disease expert said.

A chance to grow old

People living with HIV could see the time when a cure is found for the illness, as long as they stick to their strict regimen of medication.

Most sore throat cases do not merit antibiotics use

KUALA LUMPUR: Chris (not her real name) went to see a doctor for a sore throat and he gave her antibiotics without even knowing whether the cause was bacterial or viral.

Ebola watch extended to arrivals from Philippines, US and Britain

PETALING JAYA: The Health Ministry has included Ebola screening for those arriving from the Philippines, the United States and Britain.

Malaysia ‘ready’ for Ebola, says expert

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia is on guard against the Ebola virus even though the probability of the infection entering the country is rather low, said the Health Ministry’s expert on infectious disease.