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In Your Face

School bullying must be stopped

If bullying is not nipped in the bud, students could wind up dead.

In Your Face

Sacrificing a hobby for the greater good.

Victor Engku Shah's selling off his Star Wars collection to fund his wife's cancer treatments. Looks like we can pick up collectibles and do a good deed at the same time.

Ask Dr G

Cell phones and fertility

Can cell phones cause a loss of fertility?

Ask Dr G

Constant cravings

The compelling appetite for substances that are largely non nutritious such as clay, metal, chalk, glass, soil, sand or ice is well studied and known as pica.

The Gaffer

Ranking and development

The Malaysian national team is currently ranked 164 in the world and there are suggestions that we are worse off than teams like Timor Leste and Bhutan who have leapfrogged us.

Ask Dr G

Sex drive

Researchers argue that men have higher sex drive and desire than women.

The Gaffer

World Cup 2014: Can the Red Devils slay the Yanks?

Tonight's two matches will be the final matches in the Round of 16.

The Gaffer

World Cup 2014: Can the Three Lions surprise the Azzurri?

The second day of World Cup 2014 served up lots of goals, and you can expect the third day’s games to be a treat too.

The Gaffer

Brazil vs. Croatia preview

THE wait is about to end. In a few hours, millions, if not billions, will tune in to the Greatest Show on Earth!

The Gaffer

World Cup 2014: State of the nations (Part 4)

With the World Cup 2014 days away, we look at the teams and their groups and how they will fare in the coming weeks. Here we look at Group G and H.